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BBDSocial Media Intelligence Solutions

Social Media Intelligence (SMI) is a premium concept that combines various advanced tools for analyzing content and trends in social networks, giving customers a complete insight into what is happening.

The most beautiful word in this concept is intelligence. Hence the complexity of the ability to draw conclusions on the basis of large big data.

Social media intelligence turns big data into hot data.

In this concept, the human mind is wonderfully fused with artificial intelligence to provide the deepest and most accurate insight possible into the content we find on social networks.

The insights provided by SMI helps you to make intelligent decisions.

SM intelligence Vs. Social listening

Social listening is only one shallow way to understand content. For example, you can find out how many percent of social media users think positively about you. How much does it mean to you? How much does it help you make better decisions or introduce better things in your business? Not much.

But discovering what is really being talked about, analysing this content, the context, the spoken actions used by the users, the stylistic figures, the circumstances in which it is spoken, the references to which it refers… that is something completely different. Something more intelligent. That gives you a complete and detailed insight.

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