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Social Media Intelligence (SMI) stands for our cutting-edge technology solutions and methods that we use to monitor social media, including social conversations and new trends. This information is then analyzed and used to create meaningful content and deep insights into what is happening.

SMI is the most important secret ingredient in creating your business or political decisions and strategies that work.

  • You monitor your brand health.
  • You see the social media crises before they happen.
  • You are ready to act immediately with your crisis management.
  • You are powered by comprehensive knowledge and understanding of what is going on.
  • You know what people are talking about you in real-time.
  • You can power up your social media image.
  • You can develop a meaningful strategy for your political or business campaign.
  • You will immediately see the effects of your campaign.

With SMI you will get a deeper insight into online conversations. You can go beyond the likes, faves, shares and retweets or tweets to get an idea of how people perceive the message you are sending.

Organizations with social media intelligence have an advantage over those that do not have this cutting-edge expertise.

The most meaningful use of SMI is for:

  • popular brands
  • multi-brand businesses
  • public figures
  • politicians
  • political parties
  • election participants
  • opinion poll organizations
  • individuals and companies with active online campaigns
  • research teams and organizations

First of all, data is needed for social media intelligence. The data is collected from social media networks through Application Protocol Interface. By analyzing the data and overlaying the data points, metrics are created that are used in an intelligence context.

You can then utilize this social knowledge to accelerate strategy and campaigns and drive success.

Some of our awesome services

BBSHaving 12 years of experience in online solutions and consulting

We bring the solutions you need and put them into operation.

We are experienced in working for large corporations as well as small businesses. We know exactly what works for you. We put a good idea into action.

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Data-driven marketing

Data-driven is a strategy that uses the insights gained from big data and analytical information to predict future customer behavior and create a message that communicates the product in an optimal and targeted manner.

Market research

We research the market to provide you with important information to help you identify and analyze market needs, market size and competition to support your business planning.

Digital transformation

We develop a strategy for the introduction of digital technologies in your company, the creation of new business processes or the digitization of existing ones in order to increase your business, enhance the digital culture and improve the customer experience.

Branding & Reputation

We offer strategic and tactical advice on how to maintain, refresh or enhance your brand and online reputation. We help you drive new leads and grow. Bigger. More important. More distinctive.

Digital marketing

We use art and science, craftsmanship and experience to achieve results for you and develop your full online potential. We do SEO. SEM. SMM. Content, email, influencer marketing, we build your website and make you stand out.

Crisis management

We will monitor the Internet and alert you when online crises start. When a crisis occurs, we help you to find out where it came from, whether it was generic or intentionally, and give you advice on how to manage it.

BigBox Doers

Outside of the box thinkers

we truly believe that online reputation, online marketing and online strategies can be done differently.

more human,

more intimate,

more creative.

we do things so that you can grow and glow.

we are:

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You get a driven, committed and the team focused on your success. You get an advanced approach to technology and marketing techniques and experts who work tirelessly until your problem is solved.
You get integrated, multidisciplinary solutions that really work!

We are dedicated

your strategies and plans are our task. when we work with you, you have a team that is there just for you. you are more than a customer. we are more than a service.

We get things done

we handle all tasks and projects, from concept to process, and turn every part of the process into an effective work item. to produce the result for you.

Winning results

we guarantee visibly higher results. you will have a much better understanding of the real needs of the target you are addressing and will be able to utilise the information.

No borders, no boundaries

BBSClients & Partners

We have worked with both large and small companies. Since 2007, from Serbia were we signed our first contracts, through Croatia and BiH, to the whole of Europe and the world.
We develop long-term partnerships and maintain good relations.

Over time, we have also often worked pro-bono, as mentors and educators, with start-ups and charities.

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